Episode 163 – Government Shutdown Averted, Next Fight Please

The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 163 – April 10, 2011

On episode 163 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined by Dave (@D_v_E on Twitter) from The Corner Tavern Blog and the Refudiate This, Sarah Blog, Cherry (@cherry75 on Twitter) and Pluto (@byepluto on Twitter) who has a tumbler page at http://byepluto.tumblr.com/.

On today’s show, we start out with our Twitter friends of the week. Then we discuss the US Government budget situation and the news all week that the Federal Government would shut down at Midnight on Friday evening, April 8th including a hilarious clip from The Jimmy Dore Show. And then we discuss Bill Cosby’s comments on Donald Trump, Glenn Beck leaving Fox News and the situation in Wisconsin politics.  And then we close out the show with the FOXisms of the week segment.

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Twitter Friends of the Week Mentions:

Music on the show:
Jessi Hamilton – Turn Off, Shut Down