Episode 449 – FIJI Water

The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 449 – November 19, 2017

Show Art - The White House Press Room with Trump sitting in a bottle of FIJI water

On episode 449 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table with Joe (@Marnus3 on Twitter) from The Poorly Written Political Blog, Francie (@Francie57 on Twitter), TheDailyEdge (@TheDailyEdge on Twitter) from https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyEdge and @RealDonalDrumpf (@RealDonalDrumpf on Twitter) and John Bridevaux (@BlueDotInTexas on Twitter) from his awesome video blog, A Blue Dot In Texas.

On the show this week we start out with introductions and the All A Tweetie segment as well as the “Rant of the Week” featuring John Bridevaux (@BlueDotInTexas on Twitter) with another fantastic rant from his awesome video blog, A Blue Dot In Texas. Then we have a discussion about Roy Moore speaking at a revival in Alabama and the support he is continuing to receive from some Republicans and then Joe gives us another hilarious Clown Car Update with a parody about the balloons to be featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year. And after another fabulous commercial from our great friends over at BubbleGenius.com, we discuss the interview with Roy Moore’s lawyer on MSNBC with Ali Velshi and Stephanie Rhule as well as a clip from CNN New Day where Mike Smerconish predicts that Roy Moore will never file a defamation suit. Then we close out the show discussing the dirty Robocalls in Alabama using antisemitic language to smear the Washington Post coverage of the allegations against Roy Moore as well as Trump’s speech where he took a break to drink from a bottle of water after mocking Marco Rubio for doing the same.

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