Episode 314 – You Should Be Afraid

The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 314 – October 26, 2014

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On episode 314 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table by Joe (@Marnus3 on Twitter) from “The Poorly Written Political Blog“, Lori (@LipDesign on Twitter), Thom (@AnOldLefty on Twitter) from http://oldleftyme.blogspot.com/ and Seth (@SethP23 on Twitter) from the “VEGANesp” Blog.

On the show this week we start out with introductions and the “All A Tweetie” segment featuring a family values laden “Palin Brawl” audio recording as well as another hilarious parody song from Rocky Mountain Mike (@RockyMntnMike on Twitter).  Then after Joe gives us very scarey Halloween Edition Clown Car Update, we have a discussion about right wing fear mongering over Ebola such as George Will on FOX claiming that the virus “could become airborne”.  Then we discuss an MSNBC clip where Dr. Howard Dean calls out the GOP on their political posturing about Ebola as well as a story about Ohio GOP Sen. Candidate, Joni Ernst, and Democrats requesting an investigation into contracts given to her father when she was a county auditor.  And after another fabulous commercial from our great friends over at BubbleGenius.com, we discuss Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s scathing dissent on the Supreme Court upholding the Texas Voter ID law in the 2014 mid-term election as well as Chuck Todd’s comments on Morning Joe about Allison Lundergan Grimes and how the Mitch McConnell Campaign used those comments in an TV attack ad.  Then we discuss the disgusting remarks regarding veterans with PTSD made by radio host Michael Savage as well as Rep. Louie Gohmert’s latest ridiculous ramblings about gays in the military. And we close out the show discussing Mike Huckabee in a radio interview complaining about Supreme Court rulings and recommending that the Legislative and Executive Branches should just ignore them as well as Colorado GOP Candidate Gordon Klingenschmitt’s statements about ISIS being a sign of the end times.

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