Episode 202 – You Just Have To Close Your Eyes

The Tim Corrimal Show

Episode 202 – March 18, 2012

On episode 202 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table by Joseph (@Marnus3 on Twitter), Victor (@V1ct0rCR0cc0 on Twitter) and Allie (@watergatesummer on Twitter) from the “Watergate Summer” Blog, host of the 99 Report Radio Show, a contributor to AWOPRadio, as well as the author of the book, “Silent Fallout” which is currently available at Amazon.com.

On the show this weekend, we start out with introductions and the “All A Tweetie” segment. Then Joe Baur of the Mildly Relevant News Video Blog brings us up to speed on the latest news. And then we move on to the GOP Clown Car update where we discuss Rick Santorum’s statement that using a Teleprompter should be illegal for presidential candidates, his accusation that Fox News is shilling for Mitt Romney, his rally where he was mic checked and the MSNBC commentary on primary coverage about Santorum being in a 3-way race. Then we move on to Mitt Romney’s comment about getting rid of Planned Parenthood as well as his comment about his good friends who are NFL team owners. And we can’t leave out Newt Gingrich discussing his $2.50 campaign rally signs and how Fox News in 2008 defended President Bush by claiming the President can’t impact gas prices.  Then after a word from our wonderful friends over at BubbleGenius.com, Jim Hightower fills is in on the down and out on Wall Street.  We then we have a discussion about the right wing freakout about the Obama Hug as well as Alexandra Pelosi’s interviews with GOP voters in Mississippi. And then we discuss the latest in the war on women with PA Gov. Tom Corbett’s statement of the week and a Moveon.org commercial where women read statements from these attacks. Then we close out the show by discussing Pat Robertson’s comment comparing people who don’t agree with his views as viruses and the Foxisms of the Week.

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