Episode 136 – Gay Marriage and Prop 8

The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 136 – August 14, 2010

On episode 136 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined by Joe (@Marnus3 on Twitter) and Seth (@SethP23 on Twitter).

Today’s show is another political round table discussion with my guests and we start out addressing a comment from Toppie Smellie at the Smell Cast, we give our Twitter recommendations in the All A Tweetie segment and then we we discuss the topic of the week which is Gay Marriage and the Prop 8 ruling by Judge Walker.  And then we close out the show with a discussion about a few of the political stories of the week.

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Music on the show:
Alun Parry – Waiting For The Lovers


  1. Great show yet again – no surprises there!

    I thought I’d chime in on the whole issue of calling out Democrats. I agree with what you said before, about your show not being “Meet the Press” – ”there are plenty of shows like that for those that want them, but what’s missing are progressive voices. We have so few media outlets compared with the right and I think we have a duty to approach issues from a progressive viewpoint” in as many places as we can.

    As I see it, there are good reasons to talk so much about RWNJs: 1. They’re entertaining, 2. They present a threat to the things we stand for, namely, freedom, democracy and equality, 3. The far right IS the mainstream for conservatives whereas the extreme left is a fringe element, and 4. They’re just so damn entertaining!

    I do think it’s useful to challenge the orthodoxy of the left, too, when it gets in the way of our overall objective of a fairer, more democratic society. However, there just aren’t many progressive politicians who are in that category ”most are pragmatic” whereas Republican politicians are mainly extremists now and they have or are seeking power. Calling out right wing Democrats, like Ben Nelson, is also useful and I think we all do that.

    I think Toppie was right about the need for truth in political theatre, but focusing mainly on the sins of the right isn’t being untruthful precisely because it’s something that few are doing. It could become untruthful, however, if we don’t call-out errant Democrats on the relatively rare occasions they deserve it.

  2. Arthur, as always, has said it best! As for you Tim, your show is really on a role! You have, in a very short period of time, very successfully revamped your show into something that is quite unique. You are now “Keeper of the Twiter-verse” (well at least as far as I am concerned).
    Please keep doing what you’re doing!

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