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Episode 418 – Crazy Donnie

The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 418 – March 12, 2017

Show Art - Crazy Donnie - Grand Health Care Scam! His Health Care Plan Is Insane!

On episode 418 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table by Joe (@Marnus3 on Twitter) from The Poorly Written Political Blog, Thom (@AnOldLefty on Twitter) from and, @TheDailyEdge (@TheDailyEdge on Twitter) from and @RealDonalDrumpf (@RealDonalDrumpf on Twitter) and Justice Putnam (@justiceputnam on Twitter) from and

On the show this week we start out with introductions and the All A Tweetie segment. Then Joe gives us another hilarious Clown Car Update with a parody of the “Crazy Eddie” commercials about Crazy Donnie’s Grand Health Care Scam and then we discuss the GOP’s Trumpcare Bill.  And after another fabulous commercial from our great friends over at, we discuss the Trump administration’s alleged claim about wiretapping as well as the latest investigative journalism on an alleged Trump Russia connection.

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