Episode 188 – Dirty Hippies

The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 188 – November 20, 2011

On episode 188 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined at the round table by Joseph (@Marnus3 on Twitter) and Paula (@BubbleGenius on Twitter) and Sarah from BubbleGenius.com.

On today’s show, we start out with introductions and the “All A Tweetie” segment.  Then we move on to the GOP 2012 Clown Car Update featuring Herman Cain’s response to his “dramatic pauses” when asked about Libya, Newt Gingrich’s rise in the polls and his statement from the latest GOP debate saying Occupy protesters should get a job after they take a shower.  And Jim Hightower gives us an update on Walmart taking health care benefits away from part-time employees and dramatically raising the cost for their full time employees. Then we discuss the Karl Rove American Crossroads commercial attacking Elizabeth Warren and her own campaign commercial laying out who she is and who she really represents.  Moving on to the Occupy protests, we discuss the Occupy Nashville protesters who called out Donald Rumsfield at a dinner he was speaking at to raise funds for the Heritage Foundation; a clip from The Young Turks where Cenk was pointing out how Chris Hedges destroyed a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) anchor in an interview about the Occupy Protests; and Dorli Rainey,  who was the 84 year old woman pepper sprayed by the police at the Occupy Seattle protest last week.  And finally we close out with the Foxisms of the Week segment.

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  1. To be fair, that O’Leary character does not seem typical of the CBC in general. Personally, I can’t stand him at all, and find it necessary to avoid watching or listening to him at any time (danger to blood pressure; would prob. need a valium first)

    A good taste of more enlightened CBC material can be seen by viewing some of Rick Mercer’s famous rants on Youtube.

    The current prime minister of Canada (Stephen Harper) is very right-wing, and seems to be a Straussian (qv. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Strauss) Harper finally got his long-sought majority last May (2011) and the opposition is currently a wreck. so we’ll be stuck with him for a while. I hope he doesn’t do too much damage while in power, but fear we may spend a generation or two undoing the mess he’ll leave. Anyway I can go on far too long about Mr. Harper, so I’d best leave it there.

    The current official opposition party is the NDP (National Democratic Party). They’re left-wing in a way no US party could dream of being. Unfortunately their charismatic & respected leader, Jack Layton, died in Sept. of cancer. The Liberal party was almost wiped out last election, and is virtually leaderless.

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