Episode 170 – PizzaGate and Paul Revere

The Tim Corrimal Show
Episode 170 – June 5, 2011

On episode 170 of The Tim Corrimal Show, I am joined by Dave (@D_v_E on Twitter) from “The Corner Tavern” Blog and the “Refudiate This, Sarah” Blog. Also joining us again this week is Andy (@dvnix on Twitter) from the “Bloviations…” Blog. And our new guests this week at the round table are Leftpalm (@Leftpalm on Twitter) and Victor (@V1ctorCR0cc0 on Twitter), who also happens to be @Leftpalm’s awesome son and you can check him out at http://m.current.com/users/V1ct0rCR0cc0.htm.

On today’s show, we start out with introductions and the “All A Tweetie” segment. Then we talk about the GOP 2012 Presidential primary season and the clown car it’s turned into with PizzaGate, Palin’s bus tour and her Paul Revere gaff as well as the #PalinHistory Twitter hash tag game, which offered so much fun this weekend.  And then we talk about politicians forgetting that we have video tape of what they say and their many efforts to erase their word and actions.  And that leads right into our new segment “What the hell where you thinking”, Christie with the chopper ride and Limo to go 100 yards to his son’s baseball game and the John Edwards case. And finally, we close out the show with the “Foxisms of the Week” segment.

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